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The Voter Journey Map Brings How to Vote in America to Life.

The new US.VOTE Voter Journey Map brings the process of “How to Vote in America” to life. As the lead campaign of US.VOTE, it combines a sense of optimism with creative innovation, transforming the journey to the ballot box into a personal and joyful experience.

Both educational and entertaining, the Voter Journey Map recreates what has traditionally been a static and overwhelming list of possible voting actions into an interactive experience. The voter completes their journey with a personalized action list in hand.

Voting in the United States is not a single, uniform process for everyone. On the contrary, it can vary for each person depending on the options available in the state where they vote, their circumstances and abilities, their preferences, and more.

A voter in Colorado might vote by mail, a voter in Connecticut might take advantage of the opportunity to vote early, and a voter in Florida might prefer voting in person at their polling place on Election Day. An overseas citizen voter may be returning their ballot from abroad, just as a military voter might return theirs from a base on another continent.

It's not just a question of what action a voter needs to take, but also what actions they may not need to take. With the Voter Journey Map, sorting through all the possibilities and finding the way forward is an encouraging process, especially for first-time voters. Each question the voter answers helps to define their particular voting journey.

Using the concept of interactive value, the Voter Journey Map makes it easy for voters to visualize and create the path to casting their ballot as they move forward through their voter journey. At the end, their customized map contains only the steps and links to services they need. They can have their map sent to them as an email, download it as a PDF file, or both!

We encourage every visitor to take a few moments to enjoy the experience of creating their own personalized Voter Journey Map.

“The Voter Journey Map embodies the spirit of America — a sense of individuality and respect for the differences and preferences of each voter on their path to casting their ballot.”

— Susan Dzieduszycka-Suinat, President and CEO