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Empowering Every Citizen to Vote with Confidence

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The tradition of listening and learning through story-telling is centuries old. U.S. Vote Foundation's new US.VOTE initiative embraces this time-honored tradition as the means to inform and inspire voters across the nation.

The concept is expressed through US.VOTE's You're Eligible Situations (YES) Campaign, our first voter outreach and engagement program, and one that will continue to grow and evolve as more voter stories are added to the original library.

The YES Campaign brings the power of voter story-telling to life. Here are the voices of voters, and of people in specific organizations that help them, telling us of their experiences as they work through particular situations in their journey to the ballot box. Do you see yourself or people you know in these stories? Do they inspire and inform you through your own situation? We truly hope so as that is the motivation of the YES Campaign.

Every story answers a “Can I vote if…?” question. What emerges is a sense of the remarkable variation of circumstances that arise for America voters. These sometimes difficult situations are embodied in the questions and the ensuing narratives.

The YES Voter Stories begin with a real-life situation, an introduction to the voter or voter-assistance organization, an interview and suggested ways to take action and to share the story. Readers are invited to submit their own stories for inclusion in the YES library.

Each of these stories is real. Each story is different, and each of the voters telling them will empower you with their inherent knowledge and inspiration. You will sense the personal spirit of each voter story told interactively, through interviews.

We invite you to experience the YES Voter Stories — to be inspired and prepared to vote in the face of any circumstance.

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