You’re Eligible Situations - YES Social Media Toolkit

Thank you for amplifying the You’re Eligible Situations (YES) campaign to transform citizens into voters. Together, we can show that even if your situation is sticky, voting doesn’t have to be tricky when US.VOTE is at your fingertips. 

Your messaging will help close the turnout gap for people who need encouragement and resources to overcome barriers to voting. Your voice will bring representation to under-represented voters and revitalize our democracy.

Share US Vote’s YES Stories on Your Social Media

Post a voting champion’s story that’s inspiring and informative!

  1. Click on a social media share button at the bottom of the interview. Read Stories
  2. Add your message. Example: “Check out and share this voter’s story from US.VOTE/YES so others in this same situation know how to vote!”
  3. Post your message!

Follow and Re-Post US Vote’s YES Campaign Messaging

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Sample Social Media Copy for Posts and Captions

  • Check out US.VOTE/YES to make every citizen a voter. Real stories, actionable tools, personalized support for voters in tricky situations
  • Read inspiring voter stories. Become empowered. Get voting!  US.VOTE/YES eliminates anything that stands between you and the ballot box.
  • Test your Voter IQ at US.VOTE/YES to see if you know the answers to different “Can I vote if…” situations. Share the stories with friends to help counter misinformation and get people voting!
  • Can you vote if you just moved? Can you vote if you don’t currently have an address? Can you vote if you don’t have an ID? Find out how people in these situations vote at US.VOTE/YES.
  • Can I vote if I have a disability or health condition preventing me from getting to my polling place on Election Day? Hear from others in this situation at US.VOTE/YES.

Downloadable Social Media Graphics 


Hashtags and Tagging

We can’t wait to see what you post and how you help voters! Tag us @usvote on Instagram; @us_vote on X; and @U.S. Vote Foundation on Facebook