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Featured Interviews with Voting Champions

The 'Featured Voters' category of stories draws your attention to a selected set of interviews, which together will give you a snapshot of the value held in the complete YES library.

We’ve chosen one story from each category covering situations ranging from the right to request an absentee ballot, voting while temporarily abroad, voting in a new state, voting without the requested voter ID, and more.

We often hear about the complexity of voting. But there is another perspective to consider as well, and that is that voting, for each of us, is also our own personal journey. We each come with our own set of circumstances and that can add another layer of complexity to contend with and clarify.

It is the personal journey of the voting process and how each voter finds their path that these stories bring to light. We hope sincerely that you enjoy their interactive presentation through interviews and that you are inspired by what you learn!