Kerri Rosenthal on Can I Vote Early in My State? And Vote Love!

Kerri Rosenthal

Kerri Rosenthal

Kerri Rosenthal's Vote Love and Vote Early Interview is Coming Soon.

Voting Early Can Create Enthusiasm and Spread Positivity About the Election

"Early Voting" is a period of time - days or weeks - ahead of Election Day in which voters can cast their ballots at polling locations. Early voters do not need to apply for ballots or provide an excuse to vote in advance. Americans increasingly embrace the security, convenience, and flexibility of this method of voting.

Early voters find they can navigate scheduling conflicts and avoid long queues. The ease of proactive voting alleviates the pressure of rushing to show up on Election Day. With this stress lifted, people who vote early may feel a sense of democratic accomplishment and civic pride. 

Can you vote early in your state? Yes, you may be eligible to participate in early voting in the vast majority of states. However, if you live in one of the few states without no-excuse, in-person early voting, you may still be able to access alternative ways to vote or return your ballot if you can't vote in person on Election Day.

Kerri Rosenthal Wants You to Vote Early, Vote Love!

Kerri Rosenthal is an acclaimed artist and celebrated designer whose lifestyle brand has been featured on NBC's Today Show as well as in esteemed news publications throughout the world. Her original artwork is the wellspring of her cheery apparel and inviting home decor. Kerri is based out of Connecticut, a state where voters have the opportunity to vote early for the first time in 2024.

Kerri brings an irresistible sense of joy to all she touches; she radiates positivity. Widely known for her drippy heart series, she is now pouring her heart into voting. Kerri joins U.S. Vote Foundation (US Vote) to shine her light on early voting and to encourage Americans to Vote Love.


Thanks for joining us, Kerri. Let's get started by talking about the day you sat down and painted "VOTE LOVE" for the first time. What was going through your mind? What were you feeling? 

Kerri Rosenthal

Come back soon for Kerri's answer and more!