Citizenship Status

Our 'Citizenship Status' category addresses the realm of voter issues pertaining to unique citizenship circumstances, with the hope that many other voters will see themselves in these stories and envisage their way forward to the ballot box.

Here you can better understand the issue of eligibility of dual citizens to cast their ballots, the journey from refugee status to voting as a naturalized citizen, how to overcome voting barriers when voting from tribal nations, and more. Each story further clarifies issues surrounding citizenship status and its impact on civic participation.

Listening to voters tell their personal stories about their challenges with citizenship and voting rights gives us new insights. These stories remind us of the diversity of voices that make up our democracy and shape the future of our nation.

Check out Nhi's voter story to appreciate how much she cherishes the right to vote as a naturalized citizen.

As Nhi reflects on how she fled Vietnam on foot through the jungle as a young child without her family, it's hard for the reader to imagine ever complaining about voting being a hassle or inconvenience. Nhi provides an inspiring narrative and sage perspective from her experience as a refugee. With record numbers of displaced people in the world today, Nhi's voter story is quite timely.

Find out what Ela did when she was asked to provide her latitude and longitude in order to continue voting from the Navajo Nation.

Would you know what to do if you received notice that you had to pinpoint your exact location in the geographic coordinate system? Ela not only explains how she handled this requirement, she provides helpful tips for others living on reservations who have challenges voting. Impassable roads and the absence of a street address do not stop Ela - even while she moves about on crutches. Her indomitable personality has made her a favorite Voting Champion at

Learn how dual citizens handle voting through Alejandra's voter story.

Did you know you don't have to give up your citizenship in another country to be eligible to vote in the United States if you have dual citizenship? And that you can even be a citizen of not just two countries, but multiple countries, and still vote? Are you aware that you may be able to vote in America as well as another country? Alejandra explains how this works and offers interesting insights about different political systems as well. 

Read on to examine different pathways to citizenship and voting. You'll gain an understanding of how citizenship can be a complex identity which makes potential voters all the more appreciative of this most fundamental American right.

All of the voter stories in this category are inspiring, empowering, and informative. If you have a question about voting eligibility and citizenship, or want to share your own voter story related to your citizenship, please reach out to us at the YES Campaign!