Early Voting

In our “Early Voting” Category, you will see why voters champion this election option as it becomes available in more and more states. The vast majority of states now invite your participation in the days or weeks before Election Day so that you can vote at your convenience, avoiding lines and unexpected hiccups.

Early Voting empowers voters who seek flexible options. Those who require extra planning around work, child care, or transportation to get to the polls may find that early voting could help them exercise their civic duty while juggling other commitments.  If you haven’t voted in the past because you were too busy on Election Day, this option is your solution in 2024.

There’s something about early voting that gets people excited to vote. Early voters often gain a sense of freedom and choice which in turn fosters feelings of positivity. Early voting generates a buzz about the election. This vibe is catchy - you’ll see why in our voter stories.

Dennis and Linda Murray will show you that you can vote early in primary elections, not just general elections. 

The Murrays know they can relax and enjoy their cherished right to vote. Dennis said, “We both feel that voting is an important duty as a citizen. It must be accessible to all who are eligible, not be burdensome or difficult.” They love the convenience and flexibility of this option and plan to always vote early in future elections.

Celebrated artist Kerri Rosenthal inaugurates early voting in Connecticut as it kicks off for the first time in the Nutmeg State in 2024. Find out how you can Vote Love with Kerri while voting early.

As a Voting Champion, Kerri inspires all eligible citizens to Vote Early and Vote Love this year. Her VOTE LOVE campaign launches this summer. Stay tuned to light up the nation with the upbeat tone Kerri sets to get out the early vote.

Our can-do voters will show you how early voting is just like voting on Election Day except without the stress.

They’ll show you how it's done and point you toward resources to help you find the dates and times of your election precinct’s early voting period. Each state has its own schedule. You may also vote in a different spot than you typically do on Election Day - so check that out, too.